Last Updated:28.08.2022

Registration of Foreigners in India 

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Foreigners who enter India with a visa valid for more than 180 days are required to register with the nearest foreigners registration officer within two weeks of their arrival even if they do not plan to stay for more than 180 days. Registration is required only once during the validity of visa. They may leave the country and re-enter as many times as they desire provided the visa is multi-entry. However, they are required to surrender their registration certificate at the time of their final departure from India.

Extending your Visa: Tourist Visas can be extended by three months at the

foreigners’ registration office at 


Phone: 2741900 Ext. 2226 and 2259.

Address: First Floor, Police Headquarters Buildings, Section-9, Chandigarh.

This can also be extended at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Calcutta and by the Superintendent of police at the district headquarters at various places in India. You will need 4 passport size photographs to obtain the extended visa. Even though a valid visa may be for more than 6 months, the duration of stay in India, for each visit on a tourist visa or business visa is only for a period of 6 months. Visa is given for a period for which passport is valid. Validity of all visas is counted from the date of their issue.

Form C


Any Hotel/ Guest House/ Dharmashala/Individual House/ University/ Hospital/ Institute/ Others etc. who provide accommodation to foreigners must submit the details of the residing foreigner in Form C to the Registration authorities within 24 hours of the arrival of the foreigner at their premises. This will help the registration authorities in locating and tracking the foreigners. This document provides the functionality of registration process of Hotel/ Guest House/ Dharmashala/Individual House / University/  Hospital/ Institute/ Others etc. owners for Form-C.

Guidelines for Foreigners Visiting India


Guidelines for foreigners visiting india Foreigners may visit restricted/protected areas only after obtaining a valid permit as your entry visa alone does not allow travel to these areas Foreigners coming from or through Yellow Fever countries must be able to produce a valid vaccination certificate.



The Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act bans all forms of wildlife trade.


Violations of the provisions of the Act are punishable with heavy fines and imprisonment. Foreigners are, therefore, advised not to buy any wildlife or wildlife products or derivatives-specially ivory articles, fur and skin articles derived from wild animals such as Shahtoosh.



Please note that buying, selling, using or being in possession of psychotropic drugs or any other narcotic substance while in India is a cognizable offence punishable by imprisonment.


Foreigners visiting India who hold long-term visas (more than 180 days) are required to register their presence in India with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO), except for the following categories of foreigners who are exempted:


US nationals holding 10 year tourist/business visas, provided their continuous stay in India during each visit does not exceed 180 days. Foreigners of Indian origin holding 5 year multiple entry 'X' visa w